SRT Welfare and Performance Awards 2018 nominations

Here are the longlists of nominations for the Welfare and Performance Awards to be presented at the Gala Awards Dinner, kindly sponsored by Deutsches Institut für Pferdeosteopathie and supported by Amerigo and Utopia Saddles.

Keep a lookout for news on the shortlisted candidates. For news on who they are and how to vote please watch this space.

For The Ridercise Welfare and Performance Person the nominations are:

Richard Davison, Hayley Moore, Russell Guire, Jochen Schleese, William Micklem, John MacEwan, Dr. Robert Cook, Thomas Ritter, Mary Wanless, Dr. Andrew Maclean, Stuart Attwood, the late Carol Brett, Lisa Ashton, Peter Menet, Ellen Cochrane, Karen Rohlf, Caroline Hegarty.

For the E.Q. saddles Welfare and Performance Equine the nominations are:

Teddy the Shetland, WHW Rio, Valegro, Bluebell, Boyce, Supernova, Felix

For the Welfare and Performance Organisation

ISES, Balance International, Equitopia, Horses Inside Out, The Brooke, Blue Cross, Ritter Dressage.

For the Welfare and Performance App the nominations are:

Equibuddy, Coaches Eye, Horsemonkey, Equla Vert

For the Welfare and Performance Practitioner the nominations are:

Sue Palmer, Karin Allott, Dr Angela Holland, Steph Bradley, Jim Masterson, Becky Chapman, Stefano Coata, Dr Gavin Scofield, Hilary Wakefield, the late Carol Brett, Dr Sue Dyson, Rosie Stone, Tim Jarman, Sonja Nightingale, Penny Hooper, Nick Stone, Emily Howe, Mandy Miller, Gillian Tabor, Donald McLellan, Liga Cottle, Thilo Pfau.

For the Novel GMBH Welfare and Performance Saddlery/Equipment the nominations are:

Micklem bridle, Total Contact saddle, Utopia Saddle, The Balance Saddle, Equiband, Fairfax saddles, Estride Harmony, Strada saddle, Saddle Aid Saddle, Lightrider bitless.

For the Welfare and Performance Achievement the nominations are:

BHS Education, Carl Hester, Mark Fisher and Russell Guire, Francesca Bradley, Brain, Pain or Training book, Christopher Bartle, Claire Lomas

Congratulations to all those nominated for an award for their work to improve the welfare and performance of horses and riders everywhere.

The shortlist will be announced soon. Keep an eye out for the Saddle Research Trust newsletter, and Saddle Research Trust Facebook and Twitter pages for all you need to know about how to vote.

Please note: our major sponsors and connections of the SRT do not appear here and some nominations were deemed to be in the wrong category and were moved accordingly. Nominations which did not meet the criteria do not appear.

Breaking news….There will be 2 special Lifetime Achievement awards presented at the Gala Dinner.








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