21st Century Rider


Founded by passionate equestrian Vicki Wise back in 2016, 21st Century Rider Limited was born out of a desire to provide an online boutique for riders across all disciplines which offered something genuinely unique; products that embraced technology and contemporary design. Vicki’s experience working as a Head Groom at a riding school in her early 20’s enabled her to gain a tremendous amount of experience, from riding through to stable management. Vicki later became a horse owner herself, only to find herself becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of offering from stores, selling the same products.

” My inspiration for 21st Century Rider is more aligned with car horsepower than actual equine power.” Explains Vicki.

“In Formula One, technological advances in the sport are continually tested again and again to the limits and then those same technologies are transferred into the mass production cars we see on our roads today. I’ve applied the same principle to our equestrian sport ​and 21st Century Rider: To develop, design and source products which lead the way and then to make them accessible to all riders and horse owners. Our USP is that we only sell products we are passionate about and products that have been personally tried and tested by our team (both human and equine) You also won’t find our collection of handpicked products presented with the same passion and crusade anywhere else.”

“Having grown up as a daughter of an electrical and electronic engineer the fascination with technology and gadgets that surrounded me a child, still, fascinates me today.”

​As the advancements in performance products continue to develop and grow, so does our search for products that deliver their promise. Seeking out merchandise which reflects our commitment to providing both professional and everyday riders with the opportunity to improve their performance, safety and horse’s well-being, as well as saving precious time, and ultimately to better our understanding of our equine friends.