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Animals, like people, respond to Physiotherapy. The purpose of physiotherapy is to restore and maintain mobility, function, independence and performance. ACPAT members are fully qualified Chartered Physiotherapists (MCSPs) who have also trained in Physiotherapy and rehabilitation for animals and have specialist knowledge in anatomy and biomechanics, physiology and pathology. They use the detailed assessment to tailor treatments to each animal condition and the stage of the problem.

Animal Physiotherapy, also known veterinary physiotherapy, is used to treat and prevent a range of problems animals can experience. While no two species are exactly alike, neither are two animals of the same species, which is why it’s so important to tailor the physiotherapy to the animal’s specific needs. ACPAT members are fully qualified Chartered Physiotherapists (MCSPs), trained in physiotherapy and rehabilitation for animals.

From the management of joint or spinal problems to rehabilitation after fractures or any injury, animal physiotherapy is used to restore and maintain an animal’s mobility, function and performance. It is now considered an essential addition to medical and surgical treatment. ACPAT Physio Members cover the treatment of domestic pets, horses, farm animals and even exotic pets.

Horse (Equine) Physiotherapy

Horses are probably the most common species to receive physiotherapy. As with humans, the purpose of equine physiotherapy is to restore and maintain mobility and performance. From osteoarthritis to managing neurological problems and from resolving performance problems to treating ligament or tendon damage, equine physiotherapy has many applications for horses. Again like people, horses compensate for pain by adopting a less painful way of moving. This will often mean conditions go unnoticed for extended periods of time, leading to adaptations to muscles and soft tissue. By addressing the affected area, it prevents it from becoming a permanent problem and our fully qualified Chartered Physiotherapists (MCSPs) carry out detailed assessments to allow for specific treatment.