Neue Schule

Silver Gala Dinner Sponsor

Neue Schule  uses the latest in CAD technologies to create ergonomically designed bits for superior comfort. The company’s philosophy ‘That which is good for the horse is all that matters, and the rest will follow’ echoes throughout the Neue Schule Group, including Avansce and The Academy. The SRT conference is a fantastic opportunity for the NS Group to pair with an organisation that lives hand in hand with our horse welfare and performance Goals.

The NS Academy headed by Dr Caroline Beonist invests a great deal of time and resources into research which has gone on to enlighten many equestrians through their Lantra accredited courses, university taught curriculums and guest lectures. The innovative research has energised and streamlined the design process and superior comfort of our bits.

Avansce has brought forward a new age in rider performance technology, using in built in rein sensors, the Synchronicity SystemTM measures the rhythm, consistency, contact and balance of the rein aids providing quantifiable results all within a simple App. The objective being to help riders and trainers take ownership of their progression and develop a better working relationships with their horses.

Enlightened professionals and equestrians can only mean a better future for Horse Welfare which is why the Neue Schule Group fully support the Saddle Research Trust and looks forward to their 2018 conference.

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