Working together for the benefit of every ridden horse

The SRT is delighted to have contributed to the making of this wonderful series of short films, out now. We see them as a valuable tool for owners and riders to help them understand that what they think of as “normal”  may not be.

You can see Part One here:

This will have far-reaching benefits for the welfare of the ridden horse, worldwide.

Dr Anne Bondi and Dr Sue Dyson are featured (both will be presenting their latest research at SRT2018)  and we are thrilled that Caroline Hegarty, founder of Equitopia will be one of our delegates, all the way from California. Equitopia is one of the charities with a display stand in the Atrium, and it will be a brilliant opportunity to find out more about their work.

Caroline told us

 “I think we were all thrilled at  the International Collaboration of Professionals from various fields all coming together to discuss, exchange ideas, and commit to working together for the welfare of horses worldwide.  Egos were left at the door, and in areas of different views, productive discussion ensued to explore the origins of different philosophies (still ongoing) without defensiveness or posturing.

At Equitopia, we believe that EVERYTHING matters to the horse – feet, saddle fit, training, rider balance and feel, nutrition, bodywork etc. and our mission is to provide a credible resource on all of those topics for owners and professionals in the industry through our series of online videos.

We plan to continue working together with the SRT, AHT and our other educators to offer educational videos, supported by research and evidence, to guide those who want to take care of their horses  for longevity, whether for personal enjoyment out on the trails or competing in the Olympics.”

No further words required – the great thing about these films is how complete they are, understandable, accessible, made for everyone and every ridden horse. Whether you compete at a high level or are a happy leisure rider please take the time to watch. At SRT, we choose our partners carefully and we are so impressed by Equitopia’s eye for detail and beauty, all based on a firm footing of horsemanship.

Welcome to SRT2018!

The Saddle Research Trust

A change in your horse’s performance or behaviour may be a reflection of underlying musculoskeletal pain. A common cause of this is back pain, which may be primary, or secondary to associated lameness.

Whilst there are many causes of back pain in horses, in ridden horses it can often be attributed to saddles with poor design or fit both impeding the horse’s movement or the rider’s balance. With the saddle’s impact on performance, it’s surprising that the design and function has been little researched – which is where The Saddle Research Trust (SRT) steps in! Founded in 2009, the SRT is a charitable organisation, which has been established to scientifically and objectively lead and support research into the influence of saddles on the performance and welfare of horses and their riders. Through a variety of education programmes designed to raise awareness and distribute knowledge globally, the trust aims to provide support and advice both to horse owners and industry professionals.

  • Research areas that the SRT has been involved with recently include;
  • Welfare, performance and safety issues of saddles
  • Back problems and associated behavioural issues.
  • Causes of saddle-related poor performance and wastage in sports horses.
  • Safety aspects of saddle design.
  • Saddle fitting in relation to weight fluctuation & obesity.
  • Effects of saddle design on rider performance and health.
  • Saddle design for disabled riders.
  • Rider weight pilot study
  • Educational short films