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The Founder of RiderCise®, Clare, is a Rider Performance Coach with over 14 years experience as a Fitness Professional, Soft Tissue Therapist and 20 years riding experience.

The RiderCise® Conditioning Programmes have been personally designed by Clare, to help improve the condition of the specific muscles and their recruitment, required for horse riding, of all levels, in any discipline. 

The programmes are progressive throughout each 8 week period of each of the 3 levels (Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced). This ensures that a training overload is applied to enable physiological changes in the body. The programmes provide you with what you need to improve the muscular strength power, endurance and stamina along within the range of motion (ROM) for the movements required.

RiderCise® Therapy provides relief to riders who are suffering from muscular aches, pains and/or restrictions which may be affecting the riders symmetry and balance in the saddle or their ability to move with the horse and provide clear effective aids.

Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy techniques are used to release and lengthen muscles, reduce pain and help prevent injury. Developmental or rehabilitation exercise training programmes are also available to help the rider work on identified areas of concern to help prevent reoccurrence of muscle issues.