The Saddlers’ Company

The Worshipful Company of Saddlers(The Saddlers’ Company) is one of the ancient Livery Companies of the City of London established by Charter of King Richard II in 1395.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II graciously granted a Supplemental Charter in 1995 which confirmed the Company’s Objects and Purposes by Act of Parliament. Chief among these is the furtherance of the craft of saddlery and activities related to both saddlery and equestrianism.

The Company, mindful of the powers invested in it and its responsibilities to the trade, is pleased to support the objectives of the International Conference on Horse, Rider, Saddlery Interactions: Welfare and Performance.

The Saddlers’ Company seeks to encourage collaboration between academic researchers, saddlery manufacturers, and saddle & bridle fitting practitioners. It is the Company’s view that horse welfare and performance is best served through positivist dialogue involving all three. This will encourage innovation and investment in the saddlery trade and assure its continued success.

The Company currently chairs The Saddle Fitting (Training & Qualifications) Steering Group on behalf of a wide range of stakeholders and is confident that the legacy of this Steering Group and the deliberations of this Conference will together inform and motivate all those who work with, treat or simply enjoy horses.