World Horse Welfare

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We are an international horse charity that improves the lives of horses in
the UK and around the world through education, campaigning, and
hands-on care.

When our founder Ada Cole witnessed a procession of work-worn British horses unloaded at the docks of Antwerp and whipped for four miles to slaughter, she was determined to stop the appalling cruelty of these journeys. Ten years later our campaign succeeded, and almost 90 years on World Horse Welfare is still driven by the same desire to stop unnecessary suffering, using a practical approach and scientific evidence to deliver lasting change across the full spectrum of the horse world.

“The work the Saddle Research Trust is doing has the potential to produce considerable benefits to horse welfare and as such World Horse Welfare is keen to be involved in future projects and events.”

Tony Tyler, World Horse Welfare, following the SRT2014 Conference